emergency call systems

Emergency Call Systems

Explore powerful and innovative new products and systems for emergency call. A well designed Emergency Call System will take into account the size of the facility and the specific needs. The purpose of an Emergency Call System is to provide the means for a person in need of emergency help to signal another party so that action may be taken to provide assistance or resuscitation.

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Medical Emergency Call Systems

emergency call systems Elderly persons or persons with physical impairments or handicaps can use Emergency Call Systems to summon help. For those living at home, these devices usually consist of a console which plugs into a telephone jack. A wireless pendant is carried by the resident so that the console may be activated from anywhere within the home. Once the Emergency Call System is activated, it will dial out over the resident's existing telephone line and connect with a monitoring service. These monitoring stations charge a monthly fee for this service.

In elderly apartments and assisted living projects, these systems most often report to one or more full time staff persons at the facility and they, in turn, respond to the resident's call. Call devices can be wireless pendants and/or fixed pull switches mounted on the wall in the bedroom and bathroom.

Because lives depend on these Emergency Call Systems, it is important that all components of an Emergency Call System be supervised for trouble or component failure. A wireless pendant should send in a periodic "heart beat" transmission to the central alarm processor. If the heart beat signal stops, the central alarm processor will create a supervisory alarm notifying the central station or on site staff that the Emergency Call System is compromised due to the device failure. In addition, a wireless pendant should also indicate that its battery is low so that it can be changed prior to the point that the battery is completely exhausted.

Man Down Emergency Call Systems

emergency call system In many industrial settings, workers are at risk from violent attack, toxic chemicals or other environmental hazards. Workers wear a wireless pendant that is capable of detecting that the worker has fallen and succumbed to a threatening condition. The pendant provides a period of warning if it should accidentally assume a prone position such as might be caused by tying one's shoes. The pendant will beep for a number of seconds warning the wearer that it is about to summon help. If the pendant is not restored to a vertical position, help will be summoned by the man down alarm system. Locating devices complete the man down system by indicating to the dispatcher where the worker is when the alarm is received.

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